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We believe that a bold, unashamed, and true love changes the heart


We are a husband and wife documentary wedding photography team from Vancouver. We love what we do and hope you do too!

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About Cole & Anna

“Live Humbly, Dream Richly”

This is one of our favorite sayings that we try to live our life by. We live humbly, not too attached to material things and with a ear to learn where ever we can. We love to home-can peaches, we do without cable tv, and dance with our children. We also live humbly so we can invest in our dreams. We’ve chased down some amazing dreams, from traveling the world, to giving our children stay-at-home parents, to taking classes and workshops that inspire us.

Cole can play pretty much any instrument he puts his hands to but can’t read music. For awhile Cole dabbled in buying & selling antiques. His greatest find was a set of Mid-Century Modern armchairs. We still have a vintage accordion under the stairs ($150 obo!) He is constantly inspired, a little too goofy, and loves a good adventure. Anna is sincere and endearing. If there was a left brain behind our studio it would definitely be her. She was born in Canada but did most of her growing up in New Zealand and can turn on her Kiwi charm as soon as she steps foot off the airplane onto Aotearoa soil. On an emotional whim she talked Cole into buying her a pet dove…we later learned that they live for 25 years! We have two of the most endearing boys parents could have.

Our Approach

We all love what we do and we hope you do too!

At Love Out Loud Studios we are interested in photographing you in a genuine and true way. We are a little different than other Wedding photographers in Vancouver in that we believe your wedding shouldn’t be scheduled around the photographs. I’m sure you have experienced a wedding day where the bride and groom are taken to multiple locations, leaving their guests for up to 3 hours at a time. Well, we want you spend as much time as possible with your friends and family – after all isn’t that what a wedding is all about? It’s during these un-repeatable times that memories are made and we are there to capture those memories.

We make modern yet timeless handcrafted art. We capture moments, we steward creativity, and we have the time of our life while doing it.

Our skills

  • Dancing to Bob Dylan 86%

  • Canning Peaches in August 75%

  • Cole crying at every wedding 92%

  • Making You Laugh 77%

  • Taking Amazing Images 100%



Here are some of our favourite images from real weddings and photography sessions. Enjoy

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The Latest

Here is some of our latest work from the Blog.

We are smack in the middle of booking season and truth to be told only have a few spots left before filling up for 2015. Sometimes I can’t even believe it is 2015 already! We have a lot to look forward to, but before we move ahead any faster we just wanted to take a […]


The Details

If you love our style and we are in your ball-park budget send us an email for a detailed info guide!


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My favourite thing about our wedding day was how wonderful Cole & Anna made the time when we were taking couples shots. They made us really relaxed and allowed us to be ourselves and fostered a romantic atmosphere. Many people say their wedding day flies by. For us, we were blessed to be able to have special moments together during the pictures and now have images to remember that time. They are personal, they listen, are unobtrusive in the ceremony, fun, creative, produce amazing photography, and overall great people to have with us on our wedding day. Thank you!
~Raquel & Stephen


We know that hiring a great photographer can be a big investment. We want you to feel like you made the right choice for your wedding day. To give you an idea of pricing, our coverage begins at $2400 including time on your day, all the post processing and a set of high resolution digital files.


To send us a message or just to say hello, please complete the form below or contact us via the details listed below. We'll get back to you asap. Unless it's a weekend as we will probably be hiding behind cameras instead of at the computer!

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If you would like to get together, need a price quote or any other information feel free to contact us from the form bellow. Anna or Cole should get back to you with in a few hours (unless we are out shooting). We look forward to hearing from you!